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From child wish to young parenthood

The 1000 days journey

A child’s first 1000 days form the basis for a promising start. These days start well before the pregnancy with a pronounced desire to have children, and end about 2 years after the birth of a child. To support parents in every phase or situation, we have developed various apps in collaboration with healthcare professionals. All apps are based on trusted Clinicards technology. It thus offers a complete digital portfolio for today’s couples on their way to young parenthood.

Your first step to parenthood.

It often starts with an expressed wish to have a baby together. The ChildWish App helps couples prepare for a possible pregnancy, including lifestyle advice.

Step by step through your pregnancy.

Based on the idea of ​​the Slingeland Hospital, developed with Clinicard’s technology and therefore ready for a long future.

The ChildWish App helps couples prepare for a possible pregnancy, including lifestyle advice. Through the app, pregnant women receive expert and personalized information appropriate to the time of pregnancy according to a pre-established care path. In addition to the physiology care path, 6 other care paths can be established. The care pathways and comprehensive library were prepared by healthcare providers in the region (VSV) and are based as much as possible on the NVOG and KNOV guidelines.

Pregnant women can additionally easily track blood pressure, weight and mood themselves, view the insights in graphs, and share them. Photos and your own notes can also be added. The pregnancy diary can be saved as a personal reference book. How the pregnant person would like to give birth can be filled in the birth plan. This birth plan can be shared.

Clinicards in complex birth care.

In pregnancy, it is important for the pregnant woman to get the right information at the right time. Based on our “ZwApp,” the most widely used pregnancy app in the Netherlands, Clinicards was used to develop a Pro version. In this version, complex pregnancies (e.g., hypertension) are monitored remotely by obstetricians and gynecologists and coached for appropriate treatment.

The medical content is written by Slingeland Hospital and can be adopted.

Brings neonatal care closer to you.

NeoCare is a digital platform based on Clinicards that provides parents of newborns in the neonatology unit with expert and practical information from their own hospital, and further engages them in their child’s care and development. It supports the ideas of Family Integrated Care where bonding with the child, parental choice and responsibility are paramount. In addition to very comprehensive expert information, it offers a handy diary feature for parents to keep track of their child’s development on their own, and parents receive pictures and messages from the department at the time they can’t be in the hospital for a while. Dates and messages with photos can be shared with family and friends as desired. Dates and messages with photos can be shared with family and friends as desired.

Care4Neo (formerly Association of Parents of Incubating Children) was involved in the initial development and is very pleased with the app.

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Strengthen yourself.
Strengthen each other.

The grief for your lost baby is endless. Many of your family, and future dreams have shattered In processing the loss of a child and looking to the future with new eyes, you could use some help.

Loss is an app that empowers yourself and others after losing a baby in miscarriage, during pregnancy, around birth or soon after. It offers insight, information and support during this sad time.

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For good development.

The first year your baby changes a lot. The AfterCare app that is currently being developed will help you with lots of information about yourself and your baby’s development. For example, you can keep track of what your baby can or cannot do already.

The AfterCare app is currently under development. Want to be notified when it’s available? Then register here

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