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Version 2.0 | January 2021

Synappz is the company that developed Clinicards. With Clinicards we want to contribute to improving care and keep it affordable and accessible for everyone. We do this by monitoring, informing and coaching patients remotely.


This privacy statement tells you all about how your personal data is collected and handled. This explains where your data is stored and for what reason your data is stored. You will also find here all your rights regarding your data and how to exercise those rights.


The privacy statement will be changed from time to time due to changes in laws, for example. It is therefore advisable to consult the statement regularly.


You are currently reading Clinicards’ privacy statement. Clinicards is a product of Synappz and is designed to inform and coach users during, for example, recovery from surgery or during pregnancy. Clinicards can also be used while doing medical scientific research.

There are situations in which your information is collected by Clinicards. It is therefore good that you know what is done with it and how you can indicate your wishes around your data. That is what this statement is about.

If you have any comments about Clinicards’ use of your information, please feel free to contact us at

Synappz B.V.’s office is in Oss and we are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 56562217.

Processing personal data

You are important. As a patient, health care provider, pregnant, parent in short as a user of Clinicards. Therefore, we process your personal data with great care and comply with the AVG and other privacy-related laws and regulations.

We handle your data with extreme care and make every effort to prevent its misuse.

Depending on the Clinicards application you will be using, we will only record the necessary data. This is at least your name and email address, but can also be other data belonging to the application

Synappz complies with ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 standards and thus has taken all measures to properly protect your data.

Why do we keep your data?


Personal information is collected by Clinicards for a number of purposes. These are explained below.

Establishing who you are

In order to establish who you are and sign into the app, we store your name and email address. For healthcare providers, we also store a cell phone number for two-step verification to prove it’s you. This is also known as two-step verification.

Setting up the app

Everyone is different and thus has different desires about how the app should work for them. In many cases, we ask some (medical) questions at first use. These questions will help in setting up the app correctly and using it optimally. An example is entering a surgery date. As a result, you get the correct information at the right time.

Coaching, informing and monitoring

Clinicards was created to help you digitally during a time when you are receiving medical care or participating in medical scientific research. For that, you may need to fill in things like your heart rate, how you feel, whether you’ve been taking any medications or how heavy you are. This varies by Clinicards version. All of this data is viewable only to you and people who help you.

Where do we store your data?

To ensure proper storage and security of the data received by Clinicards, we use the following companies.


All the data you enter is stored in AWS. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a company that offers secure data storage but also ensures that you as an app user can log in securely and that no one but you and the people helping you can access your data. All your data is stored in Europe.


For logging bugs and privacy requests, we use Atlassian. Your email address and message will be saved when you contact us at email.

For how long will your data be stored?

Your data will be stored by Clinicards for an extended period of time, but never longer than necessary for the use of the app. Only if we are required by law will we need to keep your data longer.

How do we secure your data?

Your personal data will never be shared and your data will only be stored in the aforementioned systems and software.

Personal data held by Clinicards or by any of its recipients can only be accessed through the above software and is protected by password and, where possible, by two-step verification.

Data is always sent via a highly secure connection (TLS 1.2)

The Clinicards app itself can also be locked with a password, PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition.

The caregiver who may be viewing your data does so through a website that is secured by an SSL certificate. This means that this connection to the Clinicards website is private. You recognize this security by the (green) lock in front of the URL. The Internet address will then begin with https://

What are your rights?

Right of inspection

You have the right to request your data held by Clinicards at any time. You do this by pressing “Download my data” in the app. You will then receive a summary of your information by e-mail.

Right of rectification

Is your data not correct? Or has your information changed? You have the right to modify this. You can do this in your profile in the app. If there are things in your (medical) profile that you cannot change you can contact your health care provider to have it modified.

Right to erasure of data and stop data use

Do you want Clinicards to stop using your information? Then you have the right to erase your data. You can do this by pressing “Delete all my data” in the app. If you delete your data, you can no longer use the app.

Right to file a complaint

You have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Authority if you feel Clinicards is not handling your data properly. You can do so through this link.

What are your duties?

Clinicards processes personal data based on a legitimate interest of providing digital healthcare services. Your information will never be sold to third parties.

If you have given your consent, your data may be used for scientific research without your name being disclosed.

At the very least, we need the data required to provide Clinicards. For example, your e-mail address is needed to establish who you are and to log in. If these mandatory details are not provided, you will not be able to use Clinicards.

Should it be necessary to share data you have shared with Clinicards with parties other than those listed above, your permission to do so will first be sought.

Still have questions? Please feel free to contact us at

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