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Coaching toward recovery or health

The unique Clinicards app is a patient’s digital coach in the care process. Track and share health data yourself, gain insights about progress, receive the right information at the right time, set your own goals and be able to communicate about them with the health care provider. That’s remote care. And all in the palm of the hand.

HealthCards: keeping track of health data

Easily keep a personal health diary with one tap. We can’t make it any easier.

ContentCards: patient information

Articles, videos and animations. Anything to better inform the patient. Dosed, at the right time.

GoalCards: Personal goals and targets

Working toward a goal, staying within a bandwidth. Toward the best possible health.

CarePath: Timeline with personalized care pathway

Seeing what has happened in the care pathway and knowing what is to come. A personalized timeline of the healthcare process.

Connect: Contact via image calling

Easily set up a video call connection.
That makes it a lot easier for both the patient and the caregiver to keep a finger on the pulse.

Concierge: receiving messages

A preset message in the care pathway, or a private message from the caregiver. Coaching does become a lot more accessible this way.


HealthCards. Care is personal; so is the app for the patient now.

Measuring is knowing, especially for coaching. Especially natural if the patient keeps track of this himself. We made this measurement easy with HealthCards. A HealthCard collects one (medical) piece of data from the patient, for example, blood pressure, heart rate, weight, pain score, et cetera. But also a questionnaire or a picture of a wound. Sometimes even coupled with a sensor to measure the data automatically. All to be tracked by the patient in the Clinicards app.

HealthCards allow patients to easily enter data about their health. New Healthcards are created in no time, together with health care providers, of course. This makes Clinicards easily applicable to multiple disease states.

ContentCards. A personal library of relevant articles

Relevant and reliable information in the hands of the patient. Available in one place in the app, easily searchable and always up to date. Be it an article, video or animation.

GoalCards. Toward the best possible health.

Working toward a goal, staying within a bandwidth. That’s coaching in optima forma. GoalCards allow patients, possibly together with their health care provider, to enter goals and targets. These goals are reflected in the care pathway so that there is a clear path to follow. Target values can be entered per HealthCard*) and are linked to its data entry. Strive for a certain weight, or stay within a range of blood pressure? It can be done with GoalCards.

*) HealthCard-dependent

CarePath. Information at the right time in the care pathway

Care pathways are the de facto standard in many healthcare processes. Using our HealthCards, ContentCards and CarePath, healthcare providers can finally give care pathways a real face for patients. A specific care pathway for a particular patient group? No problem. The care pathway is visualized for the patient in the app. Entering blood pressure or medication, entering PROM, having the treatment explained again by video, seeing the course of a fever or checking whether an objective has been achieved? All in good time.

Connect. Motivate from a distance

Personal coaching is still the most effective. Encourage a change in behavior or keep a finger on the pulse. With our Clinicards Connect module, one- or two-way communication can be set up. Just with text, or even image calling.

Concierge. One place for all communications.

A preset message in the care path, a private message from the caregiver, the tip to read an article or the achievement of a goal. The Concierge in Clinicards keeps track of everything and displays the right information at the right time. Coaching does become a lot more accessible this way.

Coaching with the Clinicards Portal

As a care team, you can create your own digital care pathway for a specific patient group. For this, combine home measurements with Healthcards, with relevant information at the right time, and a complete digital care pathway is created to monitor and inform. Complemented by filter functions, target values, goals, image calling creates a scalable platform to monitor, inform and coach patients. Like a virtual assistant. This is how we create time again for what really matters.

CarePath. Coaching through care pathways

Care pathways are the de facto standard in many healthcare processes. With CarePath, we combine the the standard of care pathways with the power of remote coaching. Combine HealthCards and ContentCards in CarePath so that care pathways finally have a real face for patients. The care pathway is visualized for the patient in the app. Enter a measurement point via a HealthCard, explain the treatment again via video via a ContentCard, or send a motivational message? CarePath makes it possible.

Insights. Coaching by understanding

All patient data entered come together in one place in the Clinicards Portal. Not only the data through the HealthCards, but also the stage and status of the care pathway. See the progression, identify trends or learn from the results of a completed questionnaire. Coaching based on real world evidence.

Filtering. Coaching the right patient

Coaching gets real value only when the right patient gets the right care. With our Patient Filter, caregivers can find the patients most in need and respond accordingly. Looking for the group with a pain score higher than 7 who did not take medication? One click is all it takes.

Content Management System. Add your own content

Through our Content Management System, healthcare providers can add their own content to the ContentCards. Whether text, video, animation or photos, anything is possible. And if there’s no content, or it needs to be rewritten, we’ll take care of that, right? Meanwhile, we have unique content from (academic) hospitals of different disease states.

Analytics. Understanding content usage

Know how the app is used, which articles are most read and appreciated, which HealthCards are activated and which care pathways are selected. Just a few examples of the possibilities through Analytics.

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