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Application Privacy statement

In this Privacy Statement, we explain how Synappz B.V. handles privacy once you use Synappz’s Clinicards platform from this store. This Privacy Statement applies only to the use of the Clinicards platform of Synappz and therefore does not apply to other applications of Synappz.

Clinicards platform

The Clinicards platform is an application on your cell phone or tablet. The Clinicards platform is your personal medical application, providing insight into data regarding your health. The data concerning your health is processed in the Clinicards platform either with the help of sensors and/or other devices or manually. Data collection gives you the fullest possible picture of data relevant to medical assessment and allows you to remain in control of all data concerning your own health. For an interpretation of the medical data collected in the Clinicards platform, you and your physician can use a web portal to view this data.

Personal data processing

As part of the Clinicards platform, Synappz processes personal data. Synappz processes your personal data:

  1. Upon entering into the End User License Agreement
    (hereinafter EULA) regarding the use of the Clinicards platform;
  2. which are collected in the Clinicards platform.

Personal data processing upon entering into EULA Clinicards platform

Upon entering into the EULA for the use of the Clinicards platform, Synappz processes your personal data for the purpose of:

  1. Enforce the EULA relating to your use of the Clinicards platform that you have entered into with Synappz;
  2. To be able to support you in using the Clinicards platform;
  3. To be able to inform you about changes and updates to the Clinicards platform and about similar Synappz products and services.

The aforementioned personal data processing by Synappz is done on the basis of the necessity for the implementation of the EULA agreed between you and Synappz. Processing personal data is a necessary condition for entering into this EULA with you. Without this personal data, Synappz is unable to make the Clinicards platform available to you as well as fulfill other obligations in this EULA. Therefore, you cannot enter into the EULA with Synappz without providing the relevant personal data.

Personal data processing in Clinicards platform

Through your use of the Clinicards platform, a variety of personal data, including at least data concerning your health and/or your medical condition, are processed by Synappz in this application. Processing these personal data is the core of the Clinicards platform.

Synappz processes the aforementioned personal data for the purpose of enforcing the EULA relating to your use of the Clinicards platform. The processing of personal data by Synappz in the Clinicards platform is necessary for this application to function in a manner for which it is intended, namely for you to gain insight into the data relevant to your health and/or medical situation. Therefore, it is necessary for Synappz to process your personal data concerning your health and/or medical situation in the Clinicards platform. Without the processing of this personal data, the Clinicards platform cannot function in a way that allows you to gain insight into data relevant to the assessment of your health and/or medical situation.

In order to process your personal data, including data relating to your health and/or medical condition, Synappz will ask for your express consent. The Clinicards platform is made available to you on the basis of your express consent. Without an express consent obtained from you, Synappz is not legally permitted to process your data concerning your health and/or your medical condition. Synappz will therefore not be able to make the Clinicards platform available to you without the aforementioned consent.

Your personal data, such as data concerning your health and/or your medical situation, may be provided to (specialists of) the hospital where you are a patient, your doctor and/or other medical institutions relevant to you or persons with a medical background. For making such disclosures, Synappz also asks for your express consent.

You may revoke the express consent you have given for the aforementioned processing of personal data at any time. Once you withdraw your consent, Synappz will no longer process the data concerning your health and/or your medical condition. In that context, the Clinicards platform will no longer be made available to you at that time. However, the withdrawal of your consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing of data concerning your health and/or your medical condition by Synappz prior to such withdrawal.

Retention and security of personal data

Synappz will not retain your personal data longer than necessary for the performance of the EULA, unless a longer retention period applies by law. Once the EULA is terminated, there are no longer any obligations between you and Synappz and/or the Clinicards platform is no longer made available to you, your personal data will be deleted as soon as possible.

Synappz uses third-party hosting services, namely processors. Your personal data is hosted on servers in the Netherlands and therefore cannot become available to foreign authorities.

Synappz has implemented or will implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure your personal data. For example, Synappz is certified for ISO 27001 (International IT Security Standard), NEN 7510 (International IT Security Standard for Healthcare Information) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management).

Your rights regarding personal data processing

You have the right to make a request to Synappz to see what personal data about you is being processed by Synappz. If you believe that those personal data are not or are no longer correct or complete, you may object to the personal data processing, submit a request to supplement, correct, rectify, delete or request that the personal data processing be restricted. In addition, you have the right to transfer your personal data (or have it transferred) to a third party. Synappz will fulfill such requests as soon as possible or provide you with a reasoned explanation as to why your request cannot (yet) be fulfilled. You may send your request to Synappz B.V., whose contact information can be found below.

Contact details Synappz

Synappz B.V.
Anker 39, 5345BZ
+31 6 109 301 40
Chamber of Commerce 56562217


If you are of the opinion that Synappz is processing your personal data in an improper or unlawful manner and that Synappz is not/insufficiently responding to your objection or a request submitted by you, as referred to above, you may file a complaint with the Personal Data Authority.

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