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Home measurement with our app

Patients prefer to recover at home. Then it is important to know how the patient is doing. With a simple app on the smartphone, patients can track their own health data in various Healthcards and share it with their healthcare provider. Consider various clinical parameters whether or not linked to a sensor such as a blood pressure monitor. But also consider questionnaires or photographs of a wound. With home measurement, patient self-direction and remote care becomes possible.

HealthCards. Make once, use anywhere.

Monitoring requires data from the patient. We’ve made collecting this data easy with HealthCards. A HealthCard collects one (medical) piece of data from the patient, for example, blood pressure, heart rate, weight, pain score, et cetera. But also a questionnaire or a picture of a wound. Sometimes even coupled with a sensor to measure the data automatically. All to be tracked by the patient in the Clinicards app.

HealthCards allow patients to easily enter data about their health. New Healthcards are created in no time, together with health care providers, of course. This makes Clinicards easily applicable to multiple disease states. All data arrives directly to the healthcare provider. A selection of high-risk patients is then easily made. Remote care has never been easier.

Target values. Striving for good health.

Staying within a range or achieving a target value can be important for patient health. Together with the health care provider, specific HealthCards can be configured for the patient to use these target values. And with insights, the patient always stays informed of progress.

Insight for healthcare providers via portal or EHR

In the secure Clinicards portal, which can be integrated with the EHR, the healthcare provider can view the value and progress of home measurements. These can be different clinical parameters possibly linked to a sensor, but also intake and PROMS questionnaires, or photographs of a wound. A lot is possible, and if it’s not there, we’ll make it for you.
This allows you as a healthcare provider to monitor the patient remotely, thus preventing complications, complaints and unnecessary hospital visits.

HealthCards. Every patient a unique experience

With Clinicards Portal, healthcare providers can specify which HealthCards are relevant and select them for the patient themselves and for each patient (group). Is one missing? Let us know. Our collection of HealthCards is growing by the day.

Insights. Understanding what is happening

All patient data entered come together in one place in the Clinicards Portal. See the progression, identify trends or learn from the results of a completed questionnaire.

Filtering. Getting the right patient to the hospital

Remote care gets real value only when the right patient gets the right care. With our Patient Filter, caregivers can find the most needy patients themselves. Looking for the group with a pain score higher than 7 of patients that did not take medication? One click is all it takes.

Connect. Contact via image calling

If desired, it is easy to set up an image call connection through the Clinicards Portal. That makes it a lot easier for both the patient and the caregiver to keep a finger on the pulse.

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