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Informing the patient with our app

Our smartphone is available anytime, anywhere and is consulted for all sorts of things in daily life. How easy it would be if we committed our smartphone to better, step-by-step patient education. Provide information relevant to that particular patient. Whether it’s articles, videos, photos or animations, we don’t mind. The right information at the right time in the app for the patient. That makes collaborative decision making possible.

ContentCards. A personal library of relevant articles

Relevant and reliable information in the hands of the patient. Available in one place in the app, easily searchable and always up to date. Be it an article, video or animation.

CarePath. Information at the right time in the care pathway

The patient is already exposed to a lot of information. Providing relevant information in a measured and timely manner is thus crucial in the care process. With the care pathway created by the healthcare professional visible in the app, the patient is included in the patient journey.

Setting up the patient journey yourself in the portal

The days of expensive paper leaflets are truly over. Time for the digital age, with measured and relevant information. The Clinicards portal makes it easy for care teams to add articles, videos and animations, and link them to a care pathway. With this, the information to the patient is always up to date. The patient is better informed (in advance), and consultations can thus be more effective and efficient.

Content Management System. Adding your own content is easy

Through our Content Management System, healthcare professionals can add their own content to the ContentCards. Whether it is text, video, animation or photos, anything is possible. And if there is no content, or it needs to be rewritten, we’ll take care of that, right? Meanwhile, we have unique content from (academic) hospitals of different disease.

CarePath. Create patient care pathways

Care pathways are the de facto standard in many healthcare processes. Using our ContentCards and CarePath, healthcare providers can finally give care paths a real face for patients. The care path is visualized for the patient in the app. Explaining the treatment through video again, a relevant article about the disease or surgery or even the opening hours of the clinic? All in good time.

Analytics. Understanding content usage

Which articles are most read? And rated highest? With our Analytics module, this becomes easily understandable. Learn from this insight to make content even better.

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